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With over 20 years under my belt as a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, creator, writer and marketing communications strategist, I’ve learned that two key things underpinning exceptional engagement are confidence and human (and customer)-centred communication. 

Supporting you to express your value, potential, and vision is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  

Here’s a little about my backstory below.

My journey

At 9 years old, I walked into a shop filled wall to wall with handmade calico dolls. The owner smiled and said, “would you like some felt? If you make something, I could sell it in my shop.” 

I took the felt and started a lucrative enterprise making bookmarks, small dolls and teddy bears. Sometimes I’d make $20 in a week! That was the start of my journey as an entrepreneur.

Growing up as a child with ADHD in a time when there was no support for children on the spectrum, I had a lot of enthusiasm but was always getting into trouble and told I didn’t listen. I heard it so much, I literally thought I had a listening disability.

So, I would enter every conversation with massive anxiety. And guess what? Anxiety really doesn’t make listening easy. Instead, it kept me in my own head and disconnected from others.

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the shift
the shift

The power of listening

In 2018, while doing a leadership program, I experienced a fundamental shift that altered my relationship to listening. I discovered the story I’d told myself about not being able to listen was completely untrue.

Suddenly, I saw people differently. I saw myself as someone who could connect, and I discovered opportunities that I never would have seen had I remained stuck in my head.

When I started employing deep listening techniques in my work, I was astounded at just how effective conversations were for sparking ideas, building business relationships, and discovering new growth opportunities.

Despite having built my career on creating written content, I stopped writing long-form thought leadership pieces that came out of my head and I started focusing on listening. I started talking to random strangers about what mattered to them everywhere I went. I interviewed over 100 people in 3 different countries. Every day, I picked up the phone and called someone. I visited people I hadn’t seen in years and I listened. And the experience was transformative.


The surprising impact was the ripple effect listening had on my entire life. Many of the things I once thought were immovable have now shifted. 

Rather than hiding my neurodiversity, I am now proud of my ADHD brain. Since discovering listening was actually a superpower of mine, I have transformed how I relate to others and myself. I used to fear talking to people. Now, I can talk to anyone. I used to be so anxious I couldn’t connect with anyone. Now I have high vibe friends, and I had a beautiful relationship with my late partner. I used to seek validation from others to gain confidence. Now I generate confidence. 

These transformations have led me to apply a human-centered approach in everything I do, whether it be consulting with a marketing team at a large corporation or working with startups. If you’d like to connect with me about your project, reach out for a free 15-minute session.

ps: I used to be known under my married name as Caroline or Cas McCullough. I have now legally changed my name to Caroline (Cara) Szellemes. If you want to know why read my blog post on why I am changing my name here.

my journey
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